Cake Class & Wine Night with We Olive and Wine Bar

February 12th Class- Sold Out

March 15th- Sold Out

*April 3rd – Sold Out

*May 20th

  • *All classes are available for registrations, but 10% discounts are available for a limited time only, and only during specific buying periods. 10% discount weeks will be announced via instagram @muylymillerco and the we olive facebook event page

PARTNER Class, May 11th



Visit the Facebook Event page for the Cake Decorating and Wine Night at We Olive and Wine Bar! There is a lovely FAQ below the image to help you with any questions you may have. I am SO excited, I know many of you are as well and I cannot thank you enough for the support, it means a lot to me and also to  my husband, because he really wants to see me succeed with this idea- don’t let him down people.


*Due to a conflict of scheduling the June 1st Partner class is canceled. sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

What Now?

Registration is available for each class, for Discount Weeks, you have that first week to sign up at a discount, no code needed. Watch the announcements through our Partners and on my Instagram @muylymillerco, facebook Muyly Miller Co. and this website, Also catch me on KUTV’s Fresh Living ( September and November ) promoting the classes and some quick decorating lessons!

What Am I Getting?

This concept of decorating cakes while sipping chardonnay popped up in my head one weekend when I realized that, heck, there are a lot of people out there that LOVE to decorate cakes, but have no reason to really decorate a cake. I am giving them a reason- WINE. Just kidding. No the idea is to get together with your pals, socialize, and have a great evening getting creative, learning, eating, and laughing.

For the cost of your registration you are getting:

Full access to the wine bar. Drinks are not included in your registration price- I am not forcing anyone to consume alcohol, so you will need to just bring some extra funds for the drink(s) of your choice, alcoholic or not.

YOU DO GET FOOD! Your attendance gets you yummy food! Appetizers and small bites are included with your registration cost, it supports the cook in the back cause the bar tender shouldn’t have all the fun!?

Supplies are provided- you don’t need to worry about bringing an apron or an offset spatula or a #9 wilton tip. I got ya covered, and you don’t even need to take any of it home- cause honestly, I know you will forget about it and never use that #9 wilton tip again. So come with an open mind and eagerness to learn!

THE CAKE- you take home your own decorated cake,plus any leftover ingredients! YEAH!

Fun, Fun, Fun! I would like to think I am a fun girl, I mean I did come up with this concept. We will have full instruction with observation, music and maybe some story telling that could make you blush. No promises.

Where are the ingredients sourced?

All the cakes will be coming from City Cakes. They are vegan, but we are not doing vegan toppings, icing, etc. frosting, fillings, and embellishments will be sourced from various local markets and sometimes from my own kitchen. Any fillings or frosting made  for sale in my kitchen will be provided a recipe and labeled in accordance to the standards of the Utah Department of Food & Agriculture.

Do I need to come with experience?

Absolutely Not! My cake designs are made so that beginners can easily follow my lead, and advanced decorators can add their own flair- it is for all skill levels.

Why do you have 4 cakes and 4 classes?

I’ve organized my cake decorating classes so that it follows a progressive learning skill set . For those really wanting to learn in a way that makes sense for them, you can purchase all 4 classes and progress on your skills during each class. There is a discount for purchasing all 4 classes. OF COURSE, you can just attend one class, choose the design that really speaks to you, or what all your pals want to do, or the date that works with your schedule.

A description for the designs can be found by clicking here.


Is my registration refundable?

No, unfortunately they are non refundable registrations. Reason being is that I purchase the amount of supplies needed based upon the number of registrations that come in, I buy them ahead of time and if I had to refund anything, I would lose out on the cost of supplies, time, and a seat that could have been filled. Understandable, right? Registration is not transferable, nor are rain checks allowed.

Why did you choose We Olive & Wine Bar?

Honestly- cause they freakin’ rock! I am a huuuge foodie, I am obsessed with quality ingredients and they simply provide the best sourced selection of oils and vinegars around. Plus they have a wine bar that could accommodate this class, a fringe benefit. For all the attendees the night of the class, they are passing on a 10% discount to their products on the retail side, yet another fringe benefit- woot!

What is the cost for the class?

Each class consumes a different amount of supplies. The cost is reflective of the amount that is needed for your cake. The range for classes will be from $55-$70 depending on the design and supplies needed. I will run early bird pricing windows for each class, and make sure you follow our partners to get the 10% discounts!

How do I become a Partner?

Send me an email at, with a media kit and we can talk! Partners get a discount  plus a  personalized code to give to their friends and families for 10% off!

Why are the cakes illustrations on your flyer?

The cakes are illustrated because I haven’t made them yet. I will be doing an IGTV introduction class with real cakes for each design as it approaches the class date. Make sure to catch those on @muylymillerco on Instagram.

Are you a classically trained pastry chef?

No I am not, and boy do I bow in respect to those that are. I am a self-taught baker, a hobbyist, an overachiever who thought this idea of cake decorating inside a wine bar would be bad ass. Though I am not classically trained, I am humbled every time someone asks me to make them a cake for a special occasion, it validates my talent as a baker. I do not bake for a living though- I have an abundant amount of respect for those who do it, it takes a lot of time, planning, discipline, and panache. If you want to know more about me, here is my about me link.


GIVE CAKE , GET CAKE EVENT ends 12/31/18

Images from Oct 24th can be found here– Blue Metallic

Images from Oct 12th can be found here– what a FUN class!

Images from Nov 7th can be found here– Drip Cake with Sugared Berries

Images from Nov 17th can be found here– Desert Scene class- super fun attendees!

December 4th Holiday Class photos are here! has ONE seat available!

DEC 28th Class photos- Illusion Bubbly Cake

February 12th Class Photos

March 15th Class Photos

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