Watermelon Party

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Charlotte’s 3rd Birthday!


I had such a blast planning this party for my Char-bug. It was also bittersweet cause it’s a reality check that your kids are growing older.

I can tell I am going to love this age, she is already a smart, sassy, and fun girl.

Lets talk balloons! I knew I wanted lots of them and I knew I didn’t want to just tape them up sparsely in the room. So I decided to do a dramatic balloon arch.


I purchased the disposable helium tank that Zurchers carry, and supplemented my watermelon balloon pack from Amazon with  more balloons from Zurchers, including the giant 3.

My tip on creating the bundled balloon look is tying them all onto one string while you are inflating them. I kept a really long ribbon out and tied each balloon to the string starting from the bottom up, spacing them about 5-6 inches.

When assembling the arch start on one end and then add your giant number and then tape the end of the arch meeting with the larger balloon and create balance by taping where needed.


Another item I wanted was fresh flowers, I asked Native Flower Company to create something that would go with the theme and it turned out so perfect! I died when I saw the arrangement!



One of the first things I ordered were my cake and my macarons from The Blonde Who Bakes. This is the 6th cake I have ordered from her! whether for clients weddings, shoots, or for my own family, that is how much I lover her desserts!



And in addition to these sweets, I wanted even more sweets! So I asked Marcia with Sweet Cravings, who is the guru of cake pops, to make me watermelon cake pops, and they even tasted like watermelon!


No sweet was left un touched, and they were a hit from young to old!

Other details included a bag of watermelon seeds that were really cocoa puffs, with a tag  with directions “best watered with milk in you favorite cereal bowl”, and fun napkins, watermelon feta and mint salad with balsamic, and black and white to ground the design, seen in the fabric and the salt and pepper shakers.

w9w6w10 Also, watermelon wedges on a stick. score the rind with a paring knife so the sticks go in easier, but don’t go too far into the flesh cause then it gets to be a wet sticky mess.


I hope I was able to inspire your next watermelon party! I know this could have gone in more directions, but I think I did just the right amount and avoided going overboard and cheesy!


Happy Birthday to my sweet Charlotte! We love you!


P.S Dress is also from Amazon