Brunch with Target

I love a relaxin brunch day. And it’s so easy when you have amazing serving platters and utensils from Target. Today was all about simplicity. A fresh summer celery and plum salad with feta, olives, and almonds brightens up the platter. Oui has been one of my favorite lines of yogurt from Yoplait, and you can’t have Oui without a nod to the classic French Croissants. Hard boiled eggs and a seed and dried fruit granola to top our creamy yogurt with finishes this light brunch.



Who’s ready to Brunch!?



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Floral Platter from Threshold
Floral Bowl from Threshold
Gold Teaspoons
2 Piece Serving Set, Gold
Oui Yogurt
Archer Farms 12 Ct Eggs
Sunny Cranberry Trailmix