Peach, Sage, and Lace

Concept and Design: Muyly Miller Weddings
Floral Design: Muyly Miller Weddings
Photography: Amanda Kay Memories
Linens, Chairs, Dinnerware: RSVP Party Rentals Utah
Cupcakes: The Sweet Tooth Fairy
Stationary: Twelve30 Creative

If you are one of those brides who need to be on a budget, and think DIY is the way to go…then you are partly right. This concept shoot displays part DIY and part “just rent them- its so much easier!”My inspiration came from all the lace I’ve been admiring on everything- from wedding dresses to gloves to lacy underwear! Also I am loving the soft and romantic color combos of gold, peach, and sage.

Centerpieces and floral decorations
These are rustic and simple – furthermore they are cheap and reusable! Terracotta pots are a buck or less anymore. I bought all 9 pieces for just under $8. Plus- now I’m using them for my balcony filled with herbs! Pfft! I feel healthy already!
If you use these, just remember to insert a plastic cup inside them to hold and keep your flowers hydrated.

Lets talk flowers…
I am a HUGE believer of fresh flowers for your wedding, and if you can’t afford the floral shop prices to do your centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres, I suggest buy in bunches at a wholesale floral warehouse or even Costco! I went to a local  floral warehouse and got 24 roses, a bunch of baby’s breath and those green accents and carnations. Wrap your own bouquets and bouts, arrange your own centerpieces and you will save lots of money and still get fresh flowers into your wedding.

BIG tip I learned from the florist- cut your stems in water when you go to trim them to length. Roses will continue to bloom, so cut them the night before and put them in water and fridge them to keep them just right by the time the wedding starts.I obviously had way more than I could handle- check out the cupcakes and their rose toppers, adorable!
On a budget, cupcakes may be the way to go as wedding cakes can really get into the hundreds of dollars. The advantage of this is you save time on cutting cake slices for guests ( trust me- you don’t want to hire out your family members or friends to cut the cake- let them enjoy your reception with you) and you can get a baker’s dozen  for your ‘sweet slice’. PLUS the cake smashing in the face pictures will be so fun with cupcakes! I would suggest going a little boutique-y with your cupcake choices, like the Sweet Tooth Fairy’s shown here, obviously go local and go for flavor! The frosting and the vanilla flavor on these cupcakes were beyond! I would eat one everyday if I knew I wouldn’t get fat.

If you are trying to save money on your venue and decide to use your backyard or a park- I encourage using your savings towards seating, linens, and tables- RENT THEM! Just do it…so much easier! I hear all the time of brides trying to buy them, or borrow tables- but then you’re either stuck with stuff you don’t need and/or hauling everything yourself. GIVE YOUR SELF AND YOUR FAMILY A BREAK! You can get packages from RSVP Party Rentals starting at $370 with tables, chairs and tablecloths.
I had to try one of these doily banners…it turned out cute, I think. And again, super affordable…you get a bazillion doilies in a pack for $2.


I hope this gives you some ideas on your wedding or next event on where to cut costs, what you can do yourself, and where money should be spent to save a lot of aches and pains for you and everyone involved.
As a wedding planner- this is what I do! I advise you every step of the way to maximize your look and feel of your wedding on whatever budget you have. I also help you in coordinating with  the vendors , prices, times , all those details, and- most importantly- coordinating the day of your event.

Please consider my services for you or someone you know. I am more affordable than you may think!