New Year’s Eve for Two

‘m SO happy to submit my first 2015 shoot to you guys. I was going for a fun take for a NYE kick off and I had visions of black and gold, gilded feathers, champagne, and a statement floral piece  dancing in my head. I wanted to kick off my New Years in the right direction. My amazing and talented partners in this shoot were:

Muyly Miller Weddings
This shoot features gold dusted, decadent brownies, in lieu of a cake- I thought it would help get people to think outside the box on traditional wedding cake. Feathers painted with gold  are all the rage these days, right? Next, the stunning floral pieces  contain a dramatic white orchid with amazing black and white anemones and calla lilies and the movement and drape of those flowers are a sight to behold in person! Then we have champagne with a floating black grape, sparkling water to keep the bubbly, festive feel. Black and gold linens soften the look, accented with gold  plates and flatware. Simple gold stationary and embellishments plus the banner were part of the Teresa Collins collection, who is a fellow Utahn 🙂 her Studio Gold line is so AMAZE!
this shoot was also recently featured on The Perfect Palette.
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