Vision Board

Are you creating a vision board for 2018? I created one, but it took me a little while to wrap my brain around what I was doing, I mean, what the eff is a vision board? I had to read about it. Do women in their mid-30’s really make these? What is the point?

Yes, i talked to several women who made these and have made them for several years. The point is to always have direction when your life, at that moment, seems directionless. To remind you of the overall goal when you are caught up in the everyday. I get it.

Honestly, i am pretty sure this looks like a teenager met up with a threenager and smashed together pretty things, but I really worked on it hard and deliberately haha.

I started with a peg board. i got some peg board things, a magnetic strip and some magnets. Oh and cork board in the form of free sample flooring from the hardware store. yes. It’s hard to tell but i have paint chips too, i used it to guide my color layout.


I literally had the rest of these things, like those pink gift tags i used as mini goals and steps to accomplish other things. I hung them on those peg things. DSC_0223

the cork flooring was awesome too. I pinned up stacks of inspiration.

I have so many little crafty things I want to try out. one of them is making cute aprons, and the other is needlepoint embroidery. yeah, im pretty sure my 85 year old self is speaking to me. these were attached on my magnetic strip with magnets.


Another one of my goals is take my team on a retreat. they work so hard and then take it further and my clients just love them. so if you have any affordable ideas for a small retreat for four let me know! the teepee is not indicative of being outdoors by the way. im totally a non outdoors person.


And other things include remembering my roots, reminding myself that im not the only one who goes crazy during wedding season and that taking time out for myself is not a bad idea.


There is a lot of stuff about food, and my big goal this year is to compile all my recipes and get my cookbook out. I have lots of plans and little ideas to incorporate into this book and I can’t wait to get sharing! If you have a vision board I would love to see! or if you have suggestions on how i could improve mine, i am all ears! thanks for reading guys!