Stitch Fix Box No.1

So I had my hubby hurry and snap some photos of me in these pieces mixed and matched together. First of all, I can’t say I was truly comfortable in any of them. but was surprised they all fit. I really let my stylist know I was a 16 and she gave me what they had I think, haha.
So the Maribel Jeans fit, they were just a low rise, so you can see my muffin top peek out there on that left picture. So I need a higher rise jean to go over that. With that being said, I think the Cowl Neck knit top would have looked better. Also, its important as a bigger girl to wear flattering bra’s. This happens to be a nursing bra I am wearing, but they really do give my boobs great support.  P.S. in all these photos except where I am wearing boots, I am wearing nude open toe heels.

For the dress, meh..I got a lot of compliments on it, but I really just didn’t feel like I would wear it often enough. I like bold colors, but I just wasn’t feeling this. And that’s Okay.

The collarless blazer was just a little tight on my shoulders, but you can see how it make everything looked very tailored.

I thought I would like the cardigan more than I did, but after I put it on, I was less convinced.


So I kept the cardigan, haha. I just felt like it would be more versatile for me in the long run. I didn’t want to be stuck with pants that were $88 and would only fit me for a couple months, and I like the blazer but sent feedback I was broader in the shoulders than I thought. But Overall, the clothes were cute, I think if I had been in a place where they were long term items, I’d kept them all. If you are thinking about this, the clothes are great quality, and I think the more you tell your stylist the better the chance of getting the box you want at your doorstep. Oh speaking of box, the stitch fix box is very impressive- branded everywhere and everything, however I felt like it was a bit excessive, and maybe by taking out some of those branded paper items, it may save some money on the cost of the clothing itself. But maybe not..who knows.

My next box comes next quarter! Please use any of these links below to check out Stitch Fix, I get a referral credit (so will you once you get signed up and pass out your referral link)