Moo Does: Magnetic Lashes

A couple things, these are not filtered or enhanced photos, you got all of me baby. secondly, there is an affiliate link for these lashes right here

3D Magnetic False Eyelashes by AOSTAR, 0.2mm Ultra-thin Reusable Glue-free Fake Eyelashes(1 Pair 4 Pieces)

the CRAZE…all about these magnetic lashes.

I had to keep referring to Amazon for instructions on how to put them on, cause the package didn’t come with instructions.

So it took me a a few tries to figure it out, and i will probably get better as i keep practicing. Like getting them closer to my lash line, but still- they were a tremendous boost from my normal asian lash face.

This was before i knew to attach them to the corners. I just want you to see that they do attach to each other.

Once they were on I kind of had to spread them and then fill in the rest of my eye make up. If you watched my instagram story, i suggested you go in and finish with eyeliner, it will make it more finished.


I took some  photos in natural light so you could see it in both lights.


then i took them off. big difference right?!

And I am so sorry that all you see is my tired mom face and all that is mom in me. and my ugly bathroom. haha.

Let me know if you get these or have some of your own! i’d love to know what you think!