Moo Does: A Podcast

I am in a state of transition, From what I am not sure, either career or personal. It’s so hard to find that ‘thing’ sometimes that’s directing you to or away certain things. Anyway I just thought I’d try something new during my ironing this morning. I thought I’d listen to a podcast. I’m so behind on what’s out there in the social media space. Like Instagram, I just barely started doing more insta stories. So anyway, I googled and googled answered.

This is like her 236th podcast in this series, and naturally I would start it as number 1. but I totally suggest you listen to it if you have some ironing time, or some errands to run. It kind of gives a high overview of the Law of Attraction, in which I just ordered the audible version (kindle and audible affiliate links are below if you are inclined to pull the trigger on a purchase)

But my recommendation is you listen to this PODCAST First to understand what and who Abraham is if you don’t already know, get to hear Jess Lively speak about alignment and emotions. it’s pretty interesting. In this journey, for me, I hope to find what my inspirations are ultimately leading me to.

Randomly, after hearing about this from my sistah friends the night before- I posted a GOT TODDLERED photo on my personal instagram account.


And then followed up with an insta story as to expand my thought process a little bit, cause lately, I am full of thoughts.


I think Life is finally getting real for me ya’ll. the Other night whilst out and about with my husband, I said something about just staying home with the kids this next season and being a real stay at home mom, I felt so bad this past season cause I was on the computer all the time and just felt I was running so fast to keep up with the demands of being a girl boss, planner, blogger, wife, mom, friend etc etc That i just need to be more present. And my husband said “that was the point when we decided you  would leave the work force” and i said ” now i get that, haha, it only took me three years to get it” But you know me, I can’t ever leave it at just being a stay at home mom, I am all about thinking and scheming up my next project, but I don’t want it to be sparatic or just something that ‘I DO’ as a wedding expert. I really want purpose and soul into my next project. So I am hoping Abe or Jess or someone can help me self direct a bit and try to understand the root cause of this transitional mindset I am in. I’m trying to embrace uncertainty and the change that comes from it. Let me know if you are going through something the same, or if you are already reading/following/doing the Laws of Attraction, i’d love to here about your experiences!