The Pivot

Published on 5/20/2015 16:57

It’s not a secret that the past 6-8 months have had a noticeable change on my life. I just wanted to create a thought box, if you will, to explain that moment of A-ha for me. I call it the Pivot. you know when you decide on something and you run with it, even though its not in the same direction you were heading?

My ‘Pivot’ Moment started in November 2014. I had begun my little handmade etsy shop thing a couple months prior, and was in awe of the instagram community and how bold the owners were. They were in your face, all the time and I was confused how they had so many followers. It took me a while to figure it out and I kind of found myself following a bunch of others different selling techniques and they weren’t working. I was like, shit! im not making any money and it seemed like all these people are with their strategies.

The moment I let go of following and embraced my own strategy was when I decided to do the arrows shirt. you know which one…its all over the place, even in different states! And I took to a tried and true technique that worked for me in wedding planning- a photo shoot! yay!

The ‘Pivot” was when I allowed the instagram community help me promote the product. oh yeah- i found out that i didn’t have to do it alone–whaaa?! it was like cheap employees on a digital app. That is when I put my faith into people in general and what they did for me, I did for them and I think that Christmas I had a huge order of shirts, headbands, was fun! and it seriously was by helping other etsy shops, they were sharing my stuff, I was sharing their stuff, we collabed on give aways.

My Pivot was knowing my success was because I was helping others and I was with a group of people helping me. That thought and practice has moved into my Event planning and I LOVE it! I Love these people around me whom are positive, energetic, mindful and determined. Helping others, truly, has lead me to land great events and projects, amazing opportunities for me and my family, media spots and more.

Don’t underestimate the support that is to be had out there. Reach out and get your support and return it the same and you will see a different side of yourself and in what you are trying to accomplish.