21 Day Fix

So me and my husband decided to, together, do the program and as we are wrapping up our first round I wanted to share some of the things we have consumed while on this program..you can follow on instagram @moodoes21

I love to store things in the green bags, it can be found in the as seen on tv sections at the store. We love smoothies and different smoothie combos, and it helps me get in my produce when I have a really busy day

A couple things i’ve made with greek yogurt are “sour cream” and “green Goddess Dressing”  for the sour cream i add hot sauce and diced green chilis in a red container measured non fat greek yogurt. we put this on our taco salads. and the green goddess is a tb spoon of mustard, lemon juice, a bit of balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs mixed with greek yogurt and its been a nice creamy salad dressing.

I also made Tzatziki sauce and had it wish fish and oven baked sweet potato ‘fries’.