Autumn is Awesome

How many of you got little excitement butterflies in your stomach when the weather turned cooler? All I could think of was cozy Fall outfits for my kids, and how to match them.

First of all, photos with kids is HARD, like- I don’t know how to wrangle kids and pose them and get them to look at the camera with a smile. So, it’s always an adventure with these two littles, but it is always a fun one. I tried my best!


Top: Target , 2T

Pants: Old Navy, 2T

Shoes: Amazon, size 5 $22




Sweater: Target, 4T

Pants: Old Navy, 4T

Boots: Amazon, size 8 $16.99



The shoes I purchased for the kids are a size larger than they normally wear, cause the cheap mom in me want them to fit them through next year as well haha. I like Char’s boots cause they zip up the back so taking them off is a breeze!

We have our family ones in a few weeks, I wanted to give myself some time to lose some weight, and that’s not even a joke- I am working on my summer body now so that next summer im not moping haha.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s Fall Family photos, it is one of the best times of the year!


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