2023 Cake & Wine Night

2023 is looking pretty SWEET!

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What Now?

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This concept of decorating cakes while sipping chardonnay popped up in my head one weekend when I realized that, heck, there are a lot of people out there that LOVE to decorate cakes, but have no reason to really decorate a cake. I am giving them a reason- WINE. Just kidding. No the idea is to get together with your pals, socialize, and have a great evening getting creative, learning, eating, and laughing.

For the cost of your registration you are getting:

Full access to the wine bar and mene. Drinks are not included in your registration price- I am not forcing anyone to consume alcohol, so you will need to just bring some extra funds for the drink(s) of your choice, alcoholic or not.

YOU DO GET FOOD! Your attendance gets you yummy food! Small bites are included with your registration cost, it supports the cook in the back cause the bar tender shouldn’t have all the fun!?

Supplies are provided- you don’t need to worry about bringing an apron or an offset spatula or a #9 wilton tip. I got ya covered, and you don’t even need to take any of it home- cause honestly, I know you will forget about it and never use that #9 wilton tip again. So come with an open mind and eagerness to learn!

THE CAKE- you take home your own decorated cake,plus any leftover ingredients! YEAH!

Fun, Fun, Fun! I would like to think I am a fun girl, I mean I did come up with this concept. We will have full instruction with observation, music and maybe some story telling that could make you blush. No promises.

Where are the ingredients sourced?

All the cakes will be coming from City Cakes. They are vegan, but we are not doing vegan toppings, icing, etc. frosting, fillings, and embellishments will be sourced from various local markets and sometimes from my own kitchen. Any fillings or frosting made  for sale in my kitchen will be provided a recipe and labeled in accordance to the standards of the Utah Department of Food & Agriculture.

Do I need to come with experience?

Absolutely Not! My cake designs are made so that beginners can easily follow my lead, and advanced decorators can add their own flair- it is for all skill levels.

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