Cookbook- Honest Cooking

It has been a goal of mine to get a cookbook published. When I started to pursue it, the costs associated with publishing was not worth the effort, haha. So in a round about way, I still got a beautiful book published through my partnership and account with Chatbooks.

As you know I have been a #CBadvocate for a solid year now and it has provided me perks, along with perks I can pass on to you guys like discounts or a free monthbook, or giveaways!

Tyler Florence used to do something similar on a monthly basis with the 6×6 books and that is kind of what inspired me to just get this done on the platform provided by Chatbooks.

The 8×8 hardcover book contains 29 recipes and 75 pages. The 6×6 softcover contains 19 recipes and 46 pages. It is truly a Post to Book process, you will see many of these photos have been posted on one of several social media pages, but not all had the recipes because I wanted them organized better in a book.

This first book is only a third of my recipe collection and I am actually just as surprised as you are when I read that. Over the years, I guess, I just created and documented my kitchen adventures and never realized it could create something far more than one cookbook.

Make sure to use the code MUYLY20 for 20% off, but if Chatbooks has like a 25% or 30% off, applicable to books, by all means use it and save that money, honey! order by clicking on the links below. make sure to have a Chatbooks account set up as well. I do get a small commission if I sell a certain number of books using my code MUYLY20, but I am just glad I have had fulfilled my cookbook vision. Enjoy!

8x8 Hard Cover Cook Book

6×6 SOFT Cover Cook Book 

Once you click on one of the links below, click on the cover image on the landing page and add to cart is in the top corner!