Thanksgiving Table Setting and Tips with and Muyly Miller

I partnered up with to come up with a fun Thanksgiving table setting idea and also my own tips on keeping the buffet line moving.


I started with this festive table runner and then used it as my base for keeping the elements earthy and tonal with modern twists.

The dinnerware set is modern but goes beautifully with the traditional charger, I chose a grounding copper color and it made these plates pop!


Nob glasses are my favorite go to glass now, and Overstock has them in several colors. My recommendation is to buy neutral glasses and flatware with your dinnerware sets so that you can use them all year long. Dress up your tables with pops of color from linens, chargers and as you can see, flowers!


I love the napkins with the personal touches of the guests names. These tags do double duty ,  they can easily be tied onto a straw so that you always know where your drink is!


Native Flower Company has these wonderful pots and vases, and she encourages the use of different textures such as berries and even feathers! This gathered look can be easily moved around to fit in platters, and is low enough to be able to see your guests and they obviously add a natural look to this table! I love this idea so much, thank you Native Flower Company!

The Buffet Table

I took this same table runner and set up a quick buffet line to give you some tips on how to help it flow

The copper platters from Overstock came in a pack of 3. So I used some here and I like having dishes served on different heights, it helps with flow and looks appealing. Before you cook anything, lay out your serving utensils, serving dishes and trays, so you know where they are and won’t dirty them in the process of trying to cook and find them. placing the platters on different things to give height helps with space issues as well. I just used an upside down pedestal bowl and an 8×8 baking dish.

I start my buffet line with a stack of plates then end with glasses and flatware. It is easier on guests if you have all your flatware rolled into napkins. that way they don’t have to fuss with pulling each utensil from a tray, then try to get a napkin and then their drinking glass.

If you are using plastic utensils, I implored the same thought and stuck everything in a tidy bag. I had done this for a past Friendsgiving event I hosted, but instead of having them at the buffet line, I actually placed them on the the dinner tables.

Finally, display those mugs and saucers from your dinnerware set. It informs your guest that coffee or tea will be served, and that always goes well with pumpkin pie, duh! For my table setting, I put them out with the rest of my table settings, for the buffet line, I neatly arranged them on this copper tray


All of these item will be aired on KUTV 2 Fresh Living, please visit and Native Flower Company as well.